Fraser Health Heu Collective Agreement

Fraser Health and HEU Reach New Collective Agreement

Fraser Health is one of the largest health authorities in British Columbia, serving a population of over 1.8 million people. Recently, the Health Employers Association of BC and the Healthcare Employees` Union (HEU) reached a new collective agreement that will impact thousands of healthcare workers across the province.

The new agreement includes a wage increase of 6% over the course of the three-year agreement, along with employment security provisions and new protections for workers in various job classes. This agreement is a significant accomplishment for the HEU, which represents more than 46,000 healthcare workers in the province.

The agreement has been praised by both the HEU and Fraser Health as a positive development for healthcare workers in the province. This is particularly notable given the challenges that have faced healthcare workers over the past year and a half with the COVID-19 pandemic.

One key provision of the agreement is an improved job security clause, which will help provide stability for healthcare workers in the face of potential layoffs or restructuring. The agreement also includes new protections for workers in various job classifications, such as environmental services, where employees will now have access to increased job security and benefits.

In addition to these important employment protections, the agreement also includes a number of provisions aimed at improving the quality of care for patients. These include a commitment to reducing workplace violence and harassment, investing in training and education for healthcare workers, and improving working conditions in long-term care facilities.

Overall, the new collective agreement between Fraser Health and the HEU is an important step in improving the lives and working conditions of healthcare workers in British Columbia. As the province continues to navigate the ongoing challenges of the pandemic, this agreement provides much-needed stability and security for those working on the front lines of healthcare.